Since quite a while I am using the Mail and People apps. in Windows 10. I believe that both apps are a kind of "half-baked" apps. Sorry to say this but to me that is fact.

Two problems emerged recently, and I cannot find a solution, and I hope that someone here can give advice to solve the issue:

Issue. 1: A friend asked to change his email address because the old one is no longer in use. I changed the existing one to the new one, no problem. Now, when I write an email to him in the Mail app, his name appears twice with the old email address and then with the new email address. I tried to find where and why the old one appears but cannot find a way where it came from or how to remove it for good. Any suggestions?

Issue 2: I entered a new person to the People app. with address email address etc. Now when I write an Email to that person I would assume, that the name would be displayed with its email address when I type it in the To: line, but it does not! How can that happen? There is no issue with all other existing names (except that one above). Again, any suggestions?