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    Macro block

    Hi everyone!

    Hoping someone can help, I have created a series of macros running from a .dotm file (to create a toolbar in word) that is setup through workgroup templates. The security setting is disable all macros except digitally signed macros because there is a valid digital certificate on the .dotm file.

    Recently, within the last week or so, the toolbar is non responsive for some people unless I set the folder to a trusted location. Does anyone know of a recent windows, word, or office update that has been causing a problem?

    Thank you for the help in advance!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venice20 View Post
    Does anyone know of a recent windows, word, or office update that has been causing a problem?
    You might find something if you browse the forum here for your version of Windows. There have been a fair few niggly experiences with the recent Win10 and Win7 updates especially--plus Win7 just started a new way of updating this month.

    What version of Office/Word is your group using?
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    Version of Word? Operating System?

    A note: Unless you want this toolbar only in documents created based on your template, you should have the file with the code in the Startup Folder rather than the Workgroup Templates Folder. The Startup Folder usually is a trusted location.

    Further, rather than creating your toolbar on the fly using code, you probably want to actually simply create the toolbar in your template. When you template is loaded or attached, the toolbar will be there without needing any code to run.
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