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Thread: The Escape.

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    The Escape.

    While waiting for a video that I wanted to watch on my Roku (via youtube that is), they showed a commercial. Normally I would wait a few seconds and skip it, but this commercial I really liked. I said, man I wanted to see this movie, but then it kept on playing. I didn't realize until after 3 minutes that it was a mini-movie created for BMW. lol

    I would actually have liked to see this as a full featured film since the concept about cloning and the consequences of it seemed cool. Thought I would share the 12 minute mini-film here; of course it sounds a heck of a lot better when watching it on my much bigger TV (not to mention much better sound system; lol).

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    Yeah, I liked it, too.
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    Enjoyed it too but would have liked to have seen the beginning of the story - not sure why they expect that to sell more Beamers though and must have cost a bomb to produce.

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