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    Windows p-- is this a record ?

    Having taken a disk image, I selected to install some of the available Windows Updates.
    As nothing seemed to be happening I just left the laptop running. That was 8 days and 14 hours ago - and the installations have just completed.
    Is this a record ?
    PS What on earth can take so long ? Takes me back to my Uni days in the 1960s and writing fortran on IBM punched cards. Having submitted a job, it was usually back the same week though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinM View Post
    Is this a record ?
    Good grief, no!
    Imagine how long it would take to run all the Windows 7 Updates after having installed a clean copy of Windows 7 SP 1.
    I don't need to imagine - it took me well over two days and nights.

    There are many other threads on slow Windows 7 updates - pick the latest which tells you what to do to speed matters up...

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    Quote Originally Posted by MartinM
    I selected to install some of the available Windows Updates. That was 8 days and 14 hours ago - and the installations have just completed. Is this a record ?
    Normally it only takes 8 days and 13 hours these days.

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    I often need to re-install Win7 (mostly on customers' PCs). Until about June this year I would install using an applicable Win7 SP1 installation DVD, then use "PortableUpdate" or "WSUS Offline" ( ) to install most of the WU patches, then run Windows Update to install any remaining patches (I stopped wrestling with "PortableUpdate" about April and have since used "WSUS Offline").

    But by April/May this year the process had become so ssslllooowww (24-48 hours & sometimes even longer) I decided to "slipstream" the updates/patches to new Win7 SP1 installation DVDs.

    In late June I created a set of Win7 SP1 x86/x64 DVDs w/ all WU patches to June. The first few installs using the new DVDs went well. After initial installation it was only necessary to install IE11 then run WU to install the newest patches; all done in a few hours.

    But by mid-September even after installing w/ the slipstreamed DVDs WU was again taking eight-to-twelve hours "checking for updates".

    So I think it's time to create another new set of Win7 SP1 installation DVDs as in this sevenforums article : How to Slipstream Windows 7 SP1 and Updates to Create a Bootable USB, Installation DVD, or ISO File
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    My favourite slipstream tool is nLite, now NTlite for W7 and above. Free or paid as you wish.

    cheers, Paul

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