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    Windows 10 stalling on cumulative updates with a black screen and a white circle of dots

    This is not a problem post but an FYI post for anyone that may be experiencing Windows 10 stalling during a cumulative update where the screen goes black and all you see is a rotating circle of white dots.

    Each and every time my HP laptop was being updated with a Microsoft cumulative update it would restart but after the logo would appear the screen would go black and all I would see is a circle of white dots. I found a posting on another forum that said that if you had devices plugged into the USB ports remove them during the restart and everything would work. Being a bit skeptical I asked two local techs if they had seen this behavior and they said that they had but only with Logitech wireless mice and/or keyboards and they confirmed that removing the wireless receiver from the USB port did cause the restart to continue. Their speculation is that Microsoft added some security verification process to the cumulative updates where they (Microsoft) attempt to communicate with the device plugged into the USB port and if it cannot talk to that device the update process goes into a loop and waits until it can talk to the device or the device is removed. Well, after having to perform a full hard drive restore on that laptop this week (another long story) when the October month end cumulative update was applied my laptop once again stalled on the restart and a few moments after removing the receiver for my Logitech MX mouse from the USB port, the stall ended and the machine successfully booted to my desktop.

    Afterwards I posted a question about this on the Microsoft Community forum and members there confirmed that Logitech mice were reported to have this issue and, after opening a support ticket with Logitech yesterday, they replied back that they were aware of this issue with the USB receiver and were looking into the cause.

    So, for now if you are having this issue of a stalled restart and you have a Logitech wireless mouse or keyboard plugged in, simply remove the wireless receiver and replaced it after Windows starts completing the remainder of the updates

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