Was running Win 7 and got upgraded to Win 10 (grrr)... Was using WLM on Charter.net email account. Still using the same but the contacts have disappeared. I found the contacts in a folder where the upgrade saved them (on a backup hdd) but how do I get the contacts back into WLM?

C:\users\username\contacts folder is empty. Also the c:\users\username\AppData.....\Contacts folder is empty. Does WLM in Win 10 use the *.contact file format?

When signed into my MS account it appears WLM is using contacts from PEOPLE but that is not the right contacts folder. But if I'm not signed in then I have no contacts.

I would like to move the contacts folder with all the *.contact files into the c:\user\username\contacts folder and use it.

Can I just copy the *.contact files into the c:\user\username\contacts folder???? or do I need to use the C:\....AppData\...\Contacts folder for contacts?

Do I need to tell WLM where the contacts are located after I move them into the proper folder? If so, how?

Thanks for your help.