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    Update Task Reminder Sheet to populate into Outlook

    I have been using the spreadsheet for sometime now. Overall, I like its purpose but I have recently grown out of it and wold like to add some features that I am unsure how to accomplish. I have seen a few people solve similar problems for other on this forum. I thought this would be a good place to brainstorm to get this accomplished in the most efficient manner.

    The file is attached but my goals are;

    1. Break up the File column into two columns. One for Customer# and the second for Matter#.

    2. Add a “Status” Column (cell right of the "Description") which can be typed into or populated with per-defined “status” descriptions. I think the pre-defined status description would have to come from another column similar to the “list of active files”

    3. Move the "completed" list, “list of active files”, and per-defined “status” descriptions (from #2) to separate tabs within the spread sheet. Currently, the one tab is being overwhelmed with clutter. It would be nice to have a tab for each. However, this will require moving some macro and cell formals around.

    4. In addition to “sort by date” and “sort by file” I wanted to be able to sort by the new Customer# and Matter# columns.

    5. Add similar sort functions to the tabs created for the "completed" list, “list of active files”, and per-defined “status” descriptions (from #3).

    6. A tricky addition I thought of was to see if I can get the Customer#, Matter#, and Description to populate into a outlook calendar or task list based on the date defined in the row of the spread sheet. However, when the information is populated from the spread sheet to outlook it would check to determine what is needed to prevent duplicate entries in outlook. Also, the check would delete and move items in outlook based on the spreadsheet. For example if I move a deadline up a day on the spreadsheet it would also move the calendar event in outlook up a day. Also, if I deleted an item in the spreadsheet because of re-assignment it would deleted it from Outlook. The tricky step will be to check the items in the “to-do” list vs the “completed list” before handling an item in outlook. For example if I mark an item as completed in the spreadsheet then populate outlook it would have to first check the “to-do” list then the “completed list” to determine if the items was mark as complete vs. actually being deleted for reasons such as reassignment of a matter. (Sorry for the novel……it just spilled out here).

    I have lurked around this forum for a while and have come across some excellent work and ideas. I thought of asking you experts first.

    Thanks for all the help in advance!
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