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    Unhappy Is it possible that Win10 other languages upgrade version can be different - simply worse?

    Hi folk, I have not manage make WLM working properly, installed OE Classic and have got less advanced but stabile and working post application.
    But - I have got plenty of not very important but annoying issues with SWEDISH version of Win10 upgrade.
    I've lived 9 years in UK and just when it was possible, uppgraded my Win7 to Win10 THERE. Uppgrading went perfect, quick and easy and I HAVE NOT ANY LEAST ISSUES with Windows10 or even my old programs, all was warking exactly as before or better (with exception for WLM).
    Then I moved to Sweden, there I have got a brand new computer, but not used under 2 years, with Win7 - and of course the free upgrade to Win10 was NOT ANY MORE available.. I have bought Win10 upgrade - and starting from upgrading process itself to the time after I've got Win10 in my computer, I have got PLENTY of small irritating issues. Self upgrading process I started 3 times because it was different issues on the way and au contraire to UK, it took MANY HOURS!
    I am a woman, and a lttle artistic, so I like to have my desktop looking HOW I LIKE. I've chosen the desktop tema, put the beautiful background from Windows, then I changed cursors and desktop icons, and activated screen saver with my pictures.
    Whatever I tried to do, MOST OF THOSE SETTINGS NEVER WORKED more than to the next starting of computer! It has happened the first time for 20 years and halv of my computer life! Only desktop background is stable, but desktop icons change themself from time to time, desktop saver DOES NOT WORK AT ALL, never did, and at general, the desktop NEVER becoming black after is not used, as all known by me computers in my life did! The worse is coursors. I MUST MAKE ALL THE TIME AGAIN settings for MY CHOSEN COURSORS, which are all the time on, but I must EVERY DAY click OK to get it on the screen! Even worse, often cursor disappears AT ALL on the screen and I have very difficult to find (touch screen helps) it and make the same settings AGAIN to see it, sometime 2 times under a day!
    Then, it must be Win10 which doing it - all email addresses on every email, which were always in all my computers under 20 years underlined and activ as a links - now are 'dead' and I must redo them active every time I see them, the 'activity' disapears every day after only some hours, they are dead! Why??
    All these I described above, not only never happened in UK after upgrading to Win10, but NEVER HAPPENED IN ANY MY COMPUTER since 1996! And it was nothing like these issues in the same computer BEFORE I upgraded to Win10!
    Can the Swedish version be so much worse? What can I do to keep at least DESKTOP SETTINGS WORKING? Please, help - it is all so annoying!

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    You may have one of those machines that did not upgrade properly. The best solution may be to re-install W10 from scratch.
    Do you have a full backup of the machine? You need one before the re-install.

    cheers, Paul

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    If you re-install windows 10, copy all your data to an external hard drive. When you reinstall windows make certain this backup drive is disconnected. You don't want to chance losing your data.


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