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    Smile Installing The Win 7 "Convenience Rollup Update" Pack

    Not sure if this has been covered elsewhere, my apologies if so.
    I just finished doing this update on a fresh Win 7 Pro x 64 bit installation, per satrow's sticky post above. No trouble downloading the servicing stack (to Apr 2015), then the rollup pack (to May 16, 2016).
    When I went to install the servicing stack I first got a window showing "Searching for updates on this computer" with a moving green progress bar. Finally after several hours of nothing but this, I got frustrated and tried hitting the Cancel button a few times, to no avail. So I finally forced a restart.
    Once it re-booted I tried the install once again and this time it went straight to the install progress window and completed without a hitch.
    This was followed by the exact same sequence for the rollup pack, except I forced a restart after only a few minutes of watching the searching for updates window this time. In the end they both seem to have both installed OK according to the installed updates list.

    Just thought I would pass this on.

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    The 134MB download went in first time for me.

    While it can resolve problems that used to occur with individual updates, there's no way of telling what else MS are sticking into our Win 7 machines.

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