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    Lightbulb Hard Drive monitoring

    I just read the latest WS newsletter, and have to chime in about my picks for a good, FREE hard drive monitoring tool. I use Acronis Drive Monitor. It monitors the SMART info, tells me how long the drive has been in operation (in days), and also tells me the temperature. It also checks the hard drive and gives an alert when it appears there may be problems, or if there is a "Critical Event", and of course, it integrates perfectly with Acronis Backup software. There are reviews on the Web (Tech Republic, etc.) for more info. This is definitely a good one to have.

    CrystalDiskInfo is another nifty FREE program that gives you the SMART data, Power On Hours, and temperature in a snapshot.

    I monitor the temperature now and then just to see where it is. If a hard drive gets much over ~105F / 41C, that's too hot. Mine is 32C, which is 89.6F. Perfect! Apparently, the free CrystalDiskInfo only reads out in Celsius. Keep a clean, well ventilated computer and a defragged and optimized hard drive, and things should be just fine.

    This should be a very good start for anyone. If you want to pay for more advanced software, go for it, but I don't think it's really necessary...

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    I have Acronis Disk Monitor on my 3 computers.
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