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    Populating Fields Based Upon Another Field's Content (Access 2010)

    Did some work on WendellB's suggestions.

    Got rid of the % in field names and cleaned up other things in the database.

    Figure out how to get table queries loaded so when I'm in a field that has a linked table, the table contents will show up.

    However - there is something I'm not doing right.

    Looking at the Road_Name_Code and Road_Name_Description fields. I can get the Road_Name_Code field populated, but can't get the Road_Name_Description populated with the road name description. It keeps populating that field with the Road_Name_Code.

    I'm sure it has something to do with the BoundColum control, but not sure.

    I think if I can get those two fields working correctly, I can get the other fields working correctly.

    Attached is the latest updated database so you can see how it's working currently.

    Thanks again WendellB for all your work on this.
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    You still don't have the right idea on that table and the combo boxes.
    Do as Wendell suggested and separate the Cat and Type data into separate tables and put an autonumber type field as the primary key.
    Then when defining the combo box the column widths should be zero for the primary key (bound column) and you should see just the description in the combo box as long as the 2 fields that are defined are 1. the primary key and 2. the description.
    This way there is no need to put redundant data into your main table, ala Cat_Description and Type_Description, same goes for Road_Name_Description.

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