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    Question Laptop hibernates unexpectedly since Windows 10 upgrade

    I have an ASUS X550CA laptop nearly 2 years old. It came with Windows 8 but I took advantage of the free Win10 upgrade in June.

    Ever since then the laptop has been prone to hibernate itself without warning while I'm using it, once or twice a day, almost as if the battery had reached a critical low level. However it does this even when connected to power and the Windows battery indicator showing full.

    Since the issue only appeared with Windows 10, I'm assuming it's a driver or even BIOS incompatibility issue. The ASUS support site makes no mention of it. Which driver would be involved? Can anyone suggest a testing strategy to pin down what the problem could be?

    I should mention that on one occasion, when Windows said the battery was full, I powered it down, took out the battery and put it back before powering up again. Now Windows said the charge was 6%! Does that mean I can't trust what Windows says about the charge and there may be some problem in charging? Why would this only show itself with Windows 10?

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    Even though the ASUS site does not mention a problem make sure your BIOS is up-to-date. Double check at the ASUS site for driver updates.

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    It could just be your power management configuration - set to hibernate instead of sleeping.
    Search for "Power Options", plan settings, advanced.

    cheers, Paul

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    You may want to see if calibrating the battery will help, but the BIOS takes in the battery as well.

    It could be a case of elimination with the suggestions made.

    To calibrate the battery run the laptop on battery only until you get the final warning to plug an alternate power source and let it charge fully up.

    Shutdown and remove the battery to let it cool and then stick it back it to see what it gives for its charge status.

    The free version of HWMonitor will tell you how much wear the battery has.

    The SETUP • ENGLISH download button is down on the left side -

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