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    form fill: allowing user to change formatting

    created a form fill doc in word 2010.

    have some fields as a rich text control field.

    I would like the user to be able to do basic formatting changes within that field, such as: bold, italicize, etc., but it doesn't allow.

    Is it possible?

    If not, what other options are there to creating a form fill document...perhaps outside of Word.


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    If you have your document protected for "Filling In Forms" the only way to change formatting is through styles like Emphasis or Strong. Even if your users know how to do this, it is a step further to return to Default Paragraph Font style. The Ribbon's font formatting controls are faded out and not available.

    If you protect it for "No changes - with exceptions" and mark your content controls as exceptions the Ribbon formatting controls are available.
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