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    windows update paranoia

    Personnally, I just install security only updates but it means that you have to be vigilant and this can be tricky as mentionned in this
    excellent article:

    What I would like to know from experiment users is: why should we be scared from Microsoft snooping software. ?

    Is it going to look into our banking accounts, looking at who we send e-mails and why, looking at who we look on Facebook.
    And what could be the repercussions.

    So, shortly speeking, are we getting paranoid for nothing or or not...

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    I check the info on all updates on my Win 7 laptop and if any even remotely smell of telemetry, I hide them - but with the updates now being included in a Cumulative Rollup, we have no way of knowing what they are slipping in.

    No point in being paranoid - you just grey hairs sooner or an ulcer :lol

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