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    Create file of folder file names

    OS: Win7 HP x64 SP1

    I want to create a text file that contains a list of the file names contained in a folder.

    I would appreciate it if someone could provide me a script for doing this task.
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    All help truly appreciated!

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    You can use dir with a redirect. For example: dir C:\Windows > C:\Temp\list.txt.

    Open a command prompt and type dir /? to get a list of the possible operators.

    I must admit that I'm too lazy to try remembering all the operators so I still use Karen Kenworthy's Directory Printer. Its Save to disk option is incredibly easy to configure and use.

    Hope this helps...
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    Open a CMD window (aka dos window).
    Navigate to the folder.
    enter (without quotes) "dir > list.txt
    This will create a file with the contents of the dir command in the current folder.

    Enter "dir /?" to get a list of parameters for listing subfolders and different info in the lists.

    Note > list.txt will delete that file should it already exist and that you can append more info by using >> list.txt

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