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    Download ALL E-mails From gmail to Thunderbird

    Finally got Thunderbird working and downloading my mail.
    However, it only downloads mail that I've apparently not read on gmail (only downloads a few of the latest e-mails).

    Using Thunderbird v45.5.0 - how do I download ALL the e-mails currently on gmail (some are months old)?
    Once I have verified they are all downloaded, I will delete them off gmail.

    When I set up Thunderbird, I selected POP. Thinking maybe I should have used IMAP?

    Also, how do I download e-mails in my "sent" folder on gmail (I generally move them to my inbox so I know I've responded and am waiting for a reply).


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    If you use IMAP you will have to retain files on Gmail as the process is a sync rather than download.
    Stick to POP and you can download to TB and delete from Gmail - TB will do it for you.

    I can't see a way to download old messages from Thunderbird, but you can export from Gmail in MBOX format and TB will import same.

    cheers, Paul

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