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    Error Installing Visio Viewer

    I'm trying to install Microsoft's Visio Viewer within my business unit. It installs OK for some people, but others get the following error message:
    Error creating process <msiexe/i vwc10.msi>. Reason: The system cannot find the file specified.

    (vwc10.exe is the name of the Viewer install file)

    I assume "msiexe" refers to MS Internet Explorer. Does anyone have any experience installing the Visio Viewer, or have any ideas how to make this play? On the PCs where it works, it's a great addition.



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    Re: Error Installing Visio Viewer

    What versions of Visio, Windows and Office are you running on those machines? From the vwc10.msi, I would suspect you're trying to install the 2002 viewer. All the MSKB articles I could find on this error suggest the problem is that the Windows installer doesn't exist on the machine where you're trying to install the viewer or it contains missing or mismatched files. I think if you look at the error again you might find the first part is msiexec.exe, rather than msiexe. If the other machines don't have the same version of the installer, that may be where the problem is coming from.

    I'm coming to hate the Windows Installer with a complete passion, since I have it throwing out strange behavior on two machines, both home and office, and I can't find a solution for it.

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