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    plus pack and RAS server

    I need to configure a W95 machine to be a RAS SERVER (not a client). I have W95b. Does anyone know where I can get the appropraite file to download so I can install a RAS SERVER.
    I happen to have a Plus! CD (which I believe I require) but I think it's for W95a so I don't think I should install from this copy.

    Thanks very much in Advance

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    Re: plus pack and RAS server


    I think <A target="_blank" HREF=>this link</A> will give you the information that you are looking for. Installing Plus! on 95b should not present a problem. It is still the same core operating system.

    Here's what I was looking at in the linked article:

    <hr>5.1 Remote Access Service (RAS) in Windows 95

    Please see the Windows 95/NT documentation for instructions on configuring Remote Access Services (RAS). In case of problems with RAS, contact your dealer or Microsoft. In order to use Windows 95 RAS over ISDN you will need the following components installed:

    - Any AVM ISDN-Controller
    - The ISDN-Controller's CAPI driver (installed by the ISDN-Controller Setup)
    - The AVM ISDN CAPI Port Driver
    - Dial-up Networking (and Dial-up Server module, if desired)
    - A network protocol (with appropriate client software), such as NetBEUI, bound to the Dial-up Adapter.
    Make sure that all of these components are installed, and find out about various possible configurations of your client software. Please note that Windows 95 can use only one Dial-up Networking connection at a time. The following sample configuration uses Microsoft's NetBEUI protocol to map one of the remote computer's folders to the local client computer: that is, a remote folder accessed over ISDN will appear as a drive on the local computer.

    5.1.1 RAS Configuration Example (Windows 95 Computer to Windows 95 Computer Using AVM ISDN-Controllers)

    Preparation (Client and Server):

    1. Install Dial-up Networking server module (Server PC only) In order to provide RAS services from a Windows 95 computer, you must have the file "RNASERV.DLL" in the WindowsSystem folder. This file can be installed from the Windows 95 Plus Pack. It is already included in certain Windows 95 release versions, and can be extracted from the compressed installation files on the original disk using the command extract /e rnaserv.dll.

    2. Install the NetBEUI protocol (Control Panel --> Network icon --> Add` --> select "Protocol" --> Add` --> select manufacturer: Microsoft --> select NetBEUI

    3. Verify protocol binding (Control Panel --> Network icon --> select Dial-up Adapter --> Properties --> Bindings --> NetBEUI must be marked)

    4. Install client Control Panel --> Network icon --> Add` --> select "Client" --> Add` --> select manufacturer: Microsoft --> select "Client for Microsoft networks"

    5. Install File and Print Sharing (Server only) (Control Panel --> Network icon --> Add` --> select "Service" --> Add` --> select manufacturer: Microsoft --> select "File and print sharing for Windows networks"<hr>

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