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    [SOLVED] Page color won't print

    I'm making a one-page document for my granddaughter to frame and give to her mother. It has text that appears over top of a photo. As a finishing touch, I thought to add color to the page. On the Design tab, I clicked on "Page Color" and chose a suitable color for the page and saved the document. It looks good on the screen, but the page color does not print, nor does it show up in the Quick Preview in the Print dialog box. What must I do to get the color to print?

    I'm prepared to use colored paper, although it seems wasteful to buy a pack of paper to use just one sheet.

    UPDATE: Well, I found the answer just moments after I posted. I have to go to Word Preferences >> Output and Sharing >> Print and check the box for "Print background colors and images." It's not clear to me why Word has this toggle—perhaps to let me save ink when printing a draft ... ? Anyway, problem solved.

    FURTHER UPDATE: I changed that setting in Preferences, then did the Print command. Quick Preview shows the document just like I intended, but the printer output is not at all what I want. The entire document—page color and background picture—prints as a dull gray.

    FINAL UPDATE: The problem, it turns out, was with my printer settings ... and operator head space and timing. Sorry for all this stream-of-consciousness posting! Got it all sorted out!
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