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    Cannot customize Toolbars (WinXP, O2k SR1a)

    I recently installed WinXP, lost my C drive and reinstalled on a new drive. Occasionally the system does a blue screen and "Hardware crash, call vendor." I shut it off and it reboots. Also, I have Norton systems works installed. Goback fights so I turned it off.
    My main problem is Outlook and the "Customize tool bars" When I right click on the tool bar area, the customize block at the bottom is gray and I can't use it. the system has decided to change fonts to Arial with differenct chararistics. It changes the checked tool bars, seemingly at random. It happens in READ but is most annoying in NEW.
    How do I fix the problem of customizing the tool bars? does it make sense that the crashes, (why?) cause the problem? Shouldn't the tool bars stay the way I set them?
    Suggestions that even us Joey-the-Dunce types can understand and implement would of course be much appreciated.

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    Re: Cannot customize Toolbars (WinXP, O2k SR1a)

    do you get any error messages listing the files involved in the crash? like "outlook caused a fault in ????"

    the blue screen indicates a hardware problem, especially if it does it often. it could be the new drive or something else. does the blue screen say what caused it to error? (it should)

    outlook uses tahoma - sounds like it is missing or corrupt. you can get a fresh copy off the office cd (i think)

    rename outcmd.dat and see if that lets you customize. also, are you logging in as a user with limited rights or admin? it's possible you don't have the right to customize it - so it's grayed out.

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