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    Word templates

    When creating a template for Word, is there a way make it jump from one section to another based on the user's response? For example, if the user responds 'No' to the question asked, you would skip the next question and move on. If the user responded 'Yes' it would not skip the next question.

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    Re: Word templates

    In some ways, you've just asked a question like: Can I go to Antarctica? The answer is "Yes, but you'll have to pay for it!"

    I think we are talking about a "form" or a "UserForm" here rather than just a template. Yes, you can do this, but you'll have to learn some VBA programming to do it.

    With a "form" you would be using the form field property of "Exit Macro," telling Word to run a macro when the person finishes with that field (gives an answer). This can include which question (field) is next and can include an evaluation of the answer to decide which field is next.

    To get you started, (very rough but good links)

    You may want to download the following and take a look at them.
    User Form
    (These are both designed as tutorials with the VBA unlocked.)

    See also and

    Hope this helps.
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