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    Install in demand doesn't (IE5.0 NT4sp6a)

    If I go to, for instance, the microsoft download page, I am prompted to install on demand some component I apparently don't have. Fine. Great. I press the download button. Things start to go pear shaped from here.
    Another window pops up saying:
    "Windows Update
    Setup has checked the CD-ROM specified and cannot find the component you are trying to install. Please insert 'Windows Update' CD into the drive specified below...."
    The drive dropdown defaults to E:, but I can select "The Internet". It sounds promising, but then I get another window "Component Download Failed".
    This occurs for a variety of components when I visit other sites, but has never caused a problem.

    How can I get Install on Demand to actually work?

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    Re: Install in demand doesn't (IE5.0 NT4sp6a)

    Try to upgrade Internet Explorer to v.5.5 SP2 or v.6

    Seemly your installation of IE was corrupted.

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