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    Spelling Checker character limit? (Excel 2000-SR1/Win2K)

    I've found something that I can't find an "official word" on and am wondering if anyone here has seen this. I've duplicated it on multiple machines so it seems to be consistent. Try this:

    - Put several paragraphs-worth of text into a cell in Excel
    - Highlight the text in the cell
    - Start the spelling checker

    If there are more than 255 characters selected/highlighted, I get a series of "Text is too long" error messages.
    If there are fewer than 255 characters selected, the spelling check works fine.
    If no text is selected, the spelling check works fine...the obvious solution is just don't select text.
    This limit does not appear in Word...I had over 4,000 characters selected and started the check and it worked fine.

    I searched the on-line help and Knowledge Base (and here) and didn't find a reference to a selected character limit for the spelling checker. Does anyone have info/knowledge/corroboration about this?


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    Re: Spelling Checker character limit? (Excel 2000-SR1/Win2K)


    All I can say is that MS-Excel is a spreadsheet application. MS-Word is a word processing application, and there you have your answer.

    Its a shame that we find bout these limits like that, but again, if we are going to use Excel beyond what it was intended to do, well all bets are off then...


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