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    Populate ComboBox/Reusing User Form (VB/Word 97)

    I have a form (frmApplicant) which I'd like to use over and over. My code currently asks the user if they'd like to add another applicant. If they say yes, it loads frmApplicant. This works fine the first time, but the second time they say yes, the combo boxes are empty and I can't figure out how to repopulate them.

    Thanks much for any advice. I should think this would be an easy matter.... (sigh) <img src=/S/sigh.gif border=0 alt=sigh width=15 height=15>

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    Re: Populate ComboBox/Reusing User Form (VB/Word 97)

    After you hide the form do you unload it? The problem sounds like the form is being hidden but not unloaded. This would mean that when you display the form again, the initialise event is not happening.

    I don't know why the fields should be empty though. If they were populated when you hid the form, they should still be populated when you unhide it unless you run code to wipe them.
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