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    converting to GMail

    I currently use Hotmail (which now uses Outlook as the email client).
    I have 2 addresses: **** and a secondary one: ****

    How would I migrate my email usage to GMail?
    Would I still be able to use the above addresses under GMail?

    What about all the emails I've saved? Would I be able to access these under GMail?

    I would appreciate any help offered, regarding such a migration, to this old, mainframe guy.

    Thank you,

    Happy Easter to all who observe this day.

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    Others will have to answer re: the roadrunner address (I'm sure we have other roadrunner users here), but I can answer for the hotmail address. Hotmail is free so there is no reason you can't keep it. You can combine both hotmail in gmail in your gmail account, so when you login to your gmail account you'll see your email from both accounts. If you wish, that gives you the chance to gradually nudge your correspondents to move from using one address to the other.

    You can set that up in either of two ways. You can have hotmail *push* incoming emails to your gmail account, or you can have gmail *pull* email from your hotmail inbox into gmail. For more information, login to your hotmail account and look under Options -> Mail -> Accounts, and choose either "Forwarding" or "POP and IMAP". On the gmail side, login and look under Settings -> Accounts and Import -> Check mail from other accounts.

    That will only deal with your main inbox and incoming email, though.

    By "emails I've saved", I'll assume you're referring to folders of old emails you may have created in your hotmail account. To move those, you'll need to use a different strategy. My recommendation is to use a third party client like Thunderbird and setup access via IMAP to both accounts simultaneously. IMAP allows you to sync folders/subfolders and not just the inbox, so it becomes simple to just drag and drop emails en masse from one account to the other. I'm suggesting Thunderbird because it's widely popular (so there are lots of people familiar with it who can answer your questions) and because there's a portable version, so you don't have to sully your system if you don't plan to keep it after the transfer task is completed.

    Be wary of suggestions to use super-duper, one-click solutions that claim to mass convert or move email archives in a single shot. IMHE, those often have bugs or limitations that aren't always clear beforehand. For instance, I've seen some of those kinds of programs that moved all the emails but stripped all the attachments in the process.

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