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    Here's a dual-power USB cable which has, on one end, a USB 3.0 port, and on the other end, a USB 2 plug and a USB 3 plug. The two plugs are each on a 30cm wire, so you can go an additional 30cm from the hard drive's USB cable.

    You could probably get a USB-to-AC adapter that plugs in the wall, and plug the USB 2 plug into it, adding in plenty of power to the USB 3 connection.

    Microsoft USB view -- what a worthless display -- shows what the power should be, not what it actually is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by leejosepho View Post
    I had purchased two of the Seagate Slim SATA-USB adapters and then discovered they work fine in some ports of some machines but not perfectly in any of my machines other than my HP laptop...and then even that was dependent upon OS. At some time in the past Seagate had made some special drivers available for the Seagate Slim SATA-USB adapter but then made them (the drivers) inaccessible at their site. So overall, we each have whatever we have and the only way to be entirely rid of the Seagate Slim SATA-USB adapter problem is to replace it with something else.
    I wonder if it's worth contacting Seagate direct for the drivers.

    I think it was last year that I contacted Logitech for a security firmware update for a wireless mouse and they emailed me a link for it - perhaps Seagate may do the same if it's going to affect their sales when word gets out about this.

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