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    restricted viewing of sensitive data? (2000/SR-1)

    Here's my dilemma...I keep a project plan in which I have input work hours. My customer has requested a soft copy of the project plan, but I can't let them see the work hours. Is there a way to allow restricted viewing on a per-column basis? I doubt it, but it's worth a try.
    Here's what I've tried to do...I made all my tasks fixed duration, non effort-driven, figuring that in theory, if I removed the work hours, the durations and dates would not change. I copied all my tasks, opened a new plan and pasted. The durations and all the dependencies are the same, however some of the dates had changed. I even used the organizer to bring the custom calendars into the copied plan, so I can't figure out why the start and finish dates could have changed. Does anyone have any advice for me??

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    Re: restricted viewing of sensitive data? (2000/SR-1)

    You cannot restrict acces on a per column basis. You can hide a column but there are so many different views that have work information. And one can just unhide it if they know how.
    Your next delimma is dependent on a few things. First, Work = Duration X Units. Now if you make the tasks fixed duration then Project wants to keep the formula in balance by changing work or units. It is pointless to remove the work hours because even with a fixed duration you will have assigned units to the task and project will calculate work hours. Unchecking effort driven only effects you when you ADD or REMOVE units from a task. Second, most likely when you copied the information and pasted it you would have to make sure the project start date for the new project was correct (that it started specifically on the start date of the first task copied) and that all the calendars (task, project, resource) were correct. PS: The duration will remain the same whether they were fixed or not as long as you copied the entire record.
    All in all, your best bet would be to save the project file in an Excel format, giving you the option to add and remove fields. You can go to fiile, save as, and save as type Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet. This will take you into the map where you can choose one of the pre-defined maps or create your own (more useful). You will probably want to check all three...TASKS, RESOURCES, ASSIGNMENTS (but I don't really know how much info your customers really need). Then on Each tab you will have to choose the project field and name it for the worksheet field. When you are done, click ok and save.
    Good luck

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    Re: restricted viewing of sensitive data? (2000/SR-1)

    Somewhere on the MS site, I remember tripping across an Excel addin... <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20>
    Whoops! Just found it <A target="_blank" HREF=;en-us;Q254008>here.</A> <font color=blue>Gantt Chart Sample Add-In Available for Download: Q254008</font color=blue>
    I've never tried it - but thought it might be useful, since most people are asking for the GANTT view of a project.
    Tell me how it goes.

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