I have a new PC running WinXP Pro. When I use the right-click drag method to Copy or Move a file from one folder to another the destination folder is not highlighted while the right-click menu is displayed.

Normally (i.e., in my Win98), when I right-click on a file I immediately see a ghost image of the file and I can drag that ghost image to some other folder and that folder is highlighted. That works the same on WinXP. When I release the right button on Win98 the context menu pops up and the destination folder is still highlighted so I can confirm that I'm Copying or Moving the file into the correct folder. On WinXP the destination folder is not highlighted after the right button is released and about half the time the file is copied into the folder below the intended one! That's a significant disadvantage! Any idea how to keep the destination folder highlighted while the context menu is displayed?