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    'Not a valid account name or password' (Access 2002)

    My computer has 9 partitions. Win 98SE is installed in C:, Win 2000 Pro in J:; Win XP Pro in K:.

    When it came out, I installed Office 2000, including Access 2000, in D: under Win 98SE. I installed Access 2002, as part of an XP installation, to K: under Win 2000 Pro last fall, but I don't think I tried to open any db under it. Last week, I installed Win XP Pro, again to K:, under Win XP Pro.

    Access 2000 runs fine under Win 98SE. I can open the db's I created under Access 2000 and the samples installed with Access 2002, and I can create new db's. The same is true (more or less in reverse) as to Access 2002 under Win XP Pro.

    However, if I try to run that same copy of Access 2002 under Win 2000 Pro, either to open an existing db or create a new one, that always brings up a Login message box, displaying by default my login name (Administrator) and asking for a password.

    I am using no login password -- and no other password for the machine or programs or files or folders on the machine. Administrator is the only account. The machine is not on a network and nothing is shared.

    Access Help is useless. The only articles I've turned up in the MS KB (Q235422, Q209953, Q163002) don't help, as they all require access to the Set Database Password menu item, which is unavailable, and/or require that I know a valid password (of which none exist).

    I removed and re-installed Access; same result.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: 'Not a valid account name or password' (Access 2002)

    I suspect what is happening is that WIN 2000 is trying to update the registry for Office 2000 and getting confused and asking for you to login to the OS with administrator priviledges. Access would not be prompting you for a security login, as the default login for it is "Admin". I usually try to avoid these kind of situations anyhow, as getting different versions to co-exist on the same PC usually costs more of my time than buying a new PC or wiping and old one and starting over. 97 and 2000 never coexisted nicely for me, and there are all sorts of horror stories about 2000 and XP. I realize you may not be able to afford the luxury of multiple PCs (besides you end up with lots of hardware), but it's the only way I've found to avoid these kind of problems. <img src=/S/frown.gif border=0 alt=frown width=15 height=15>

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