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    multi-project resourcing

    Hi all,

    Our Projects Manager has given me the following quest, and I figured you gurus to be the place to start:

    We are a company of consultants (I'm the system administrator). We have consultants out on different projects all the time. These consultants use MS Project for some projects, but they don't use it for others - it all depends on how the client is running the project. What our internal Projects manager is looking to do is consolidated resource planning for all consultants, not necessarily using MS Project.

    Can anyone point me in the direction of a resource management tool that he can use, or a way of using MS project to perform this task.

    I have posted this here, as I figure you all would have real-world project management experience.

    Any help would be appreciated, fanx in advance!


    PS we currently use MSPRJ98

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    Re: multi-project resourcing

    You might want to evaluate ManagePro at the Performance Solutions web site ( You can download and use the current version for 21 days as an evaluator for free.

    I've used earlier versions of it and it is excellent at keeping track of what different people with different objectives are doing. It is a manage-by-objectives approach designed to assist the supervisor with multiple direct reports or the team leader with matrixed team members. I liked it and intend on using it again the next time I have a team leader job.

    Hope you like it.

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