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    Automatic date question (Office 97)

    I want to change a cells data automatically when a given date is arrived at as displayed in another cell.

    For example, A1 has a date format and is set to display the current date whenever the worksheet is opened. When A1 reaches a given date...such as February 1, 2002, I want the data in cell B2 to perform a function that will be defined in B2, but won't occur until February 1, 2002 is reached. So, B2 must have a formula that performs this function (not an issue here...that part is simple), and a formula that makes it occur when Feb. 1,2002 is reached.

    I've played around with the =IF(NOW() formula but haven't been successful, and don't know if that is the correct attack anyway.

    Thank you all,
    BH Davis

    What would be the correct formula to do so.

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    Re: Automatic date question (Office 97)

    How about something like this in B2:

    <pre>=IF(A1=DATEVALUE("2/1/2002"),MyFunc()," No")

    Legare Coleman

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