Hi all. I have a Handspring Visor Deluxe running Palm 3.1H2. When I got it a year ago, I synced it with my work PC, running Outlook 2000. I had no problems with the e-mail side of things (other than that it would only sync the Inbox and that it truncated long e-mails, but I worked around that by moving messages to Inbox and grinning and bearing the long message restriction). I then quit my job and bought a laptop running Windows ME with Outlook 2000 (and Outlook Express 5.5). I moved the contents of my work Outlook inbox to the laptop and again I had no sync problems. However, my new ISP would only work with Outlook Express, and for some reason I thought that Palm would only sync with Outlook. So for a few weeks I forgot about reading and replying to e-mail on my handheld, as the Mail program only held my old work e-mail. I then switched ISPs. The new ISP again used Outlook Express, but it was set up a bit differently. One day I noticed that the contents of my local folder Inbox were on my handheld! So I happily began using it again, and to read and reply to messages from my various hotmail accounts, I would simply move them to Inbox.

(Sorry this is so long-winded!) One day I had a syncing error. When Hotsync tried to sync the mail, it would freeze (or rather, take forever, and hitting Ctrl - alt - del revealed it was not responding.) Ever since then I can only hotsync if I set the program up NOT to sync the mail (and my Mail folder has remained empty ever since.) I have tried settting up and re-setting the mail program with no success. Two odd things: Although I have Hotsync set up to sync with OE now, I never had made the change from Outlook; that seemed to happen automatically. And both the help menu and a Palm Web site advised me to go to Tools - Options, and on the General tab, make sure that "Make OE my default Simple MAPI client" is unchecked. Well, I don't have that option, on my computer or the one at my present workplace. They are both Windows ME with OE 5.5. I also did a search for 'MAPI' in OE help, and the term was unknown! This is mighty peculiar and I'd be eternally grateful to anyone who could point me in the right direction.

Wren Pearson