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    Table Styles (MS WORD 97)

    I'm using Styles for all my Formatting and I want to do the same for Tables. Create Several Table Styles
    so I don't have to use Direct Formatting to add a Table to a Document.

    One procedure I've heard is referred to as "Creating an AutoText Table"

    One of the easiest ways to save a complex table format (or any
    complex format, for that matter) is as autotext. Format the table
    to your liking, apply any paragraph and character styles you want,
    but leave the table cells empty or put dummy text in them. Once
    you've got things looking right:

    1. Highlight the table
    2. Select Insert > Autotext > New
    3. Type a name for the table (e.g. "table") and click OK

    Use the Organizer function to copy the autotext entry into your
    Thereafter, whenever you want a table grid, type "table" and press
    F3 (or in Word > 2000, type "tab", Word suggests "table", press

    Does this procedure actually Create a Table Style that shows up in my Format Style Box?
    Is this actually a Style that's created?

    Or is there some other process to Create a Table Style?

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    Re: Table Styles (MS WORD 97)

    What the AutoText process is doing is creating a short way to be able to duplicate the layout of the table. This includes the number of columns and rows, shading for cells, etc. It also includes the text you have in the table and any styles associated with the text. In effect, you're making a copy of the table for later use. When you do use it later, you can still make changes to it (typically, add rows but even delete columns, change any text that was saved originally, etc.).

    The benefit of this is when you want the table format to be used in another document (else you could just copy and paste it if within the same document).

    But no, this "style" does not show up in the Format Style box.

    On the other hand, if what you want is text in a table to be formatted in a specific way different than non-table text, you don't use the AutoText approach. You'd create such styles in the same way as non-table text styles. Then these styles would show up in your Format Style box.



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    Re: Table Styles (MS WORD 97)

    No, it does not do anything with styles, but it does allow you to quickly reproduce a table set up the way you want, including any styles contained in the table.

    Table styles have been implemented in Word 2002.
    Charles Kyle Kenyon
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