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    Callout & pg. border gone after save (v97)

    Put a page border in a Word 97 doc, using a "Art" dropdown in page borders dialog box. Also inserted a callout with text in it. Saved it, printed OK.

    Re-opened doc to make a change in body text. Border disappeared & callout changed to box from ballon shaped. Redid doc, saved, printed and re-opened 2nd saved doc. Same thing. Any suggestions?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Callout & pg. border gone after save (v97)

    Possibly Word is not saving features added in Word 97, based on compatibility settings. Check under Tools, Options, Save and Tools, Options, Compatibility to see if there is anything there that might have that result. Some of these settings are global and others are document specific, so if has never happened before, it could be that you are working on an older document and Word is trying to be helpful.

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