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    Insert-Picture-From File Location forgotton (Word 2000)

    Please help. I've searched the groups and cannot locate an answer to this! My word doesn't remember the last location I've inserted a picture from. So when I'm working on a doc with several pics it's a pain in the patooey. Could someone please help me tell word to start remembering the last location for me! <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20>

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    Re: Insert-Picture-From File Location forgotton (Word 2000)

    Wendy, you can only change the default file location. You use the Tools | Options | File Locations and press modify for Clipart pictures. This is slightly confusing because it has no bearing on the Clip Art Gallery.

    You also might want to add a close event to your template to clear the location when you exit, so that the next document will default to My Pictures. To do this,
    1) From Word, press <Alt><F11> to get to the VBE.
    2) In the Project Exployer window (upper-left), click on the + before Microsoft Word Objects in the Normal template
    3) Double click ThisDocument that you just exposed.
    4) In the code wondow (upper-right), insert the following code:<pre>Private Sub Document_Close()
    Options.DefaultFilePath(Path:=wdPicturesPath) = ""
    End Sub</pre>

    HTH --Sam
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