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Thread: Need help

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    Need help

    I still need some instructions on how to get started on reformatting. I'm not putting XP back on right away. Just need to know if I put in my floppy or cd and what commands to give.

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    Re: Need help

    You said you had a Win98 boot disk. Check the floppy to see if you have the files on it that will not only boot your PC, but also give you the tools necessary to format your harddrive and boot from your harddrive.
    You will need the files,, mscdex.exe, the cd drivers for your cd drive,, smartdrv.exe...if you have access to a 98 system, you can make a boot disk on that system and it should put all the files necessary onto the floppy so that when you boot with it, you are given the option to boot with or without CD drive support. Boot with the floppy and ascertain that it does work and that you have access to your cd-drive.
    When you have made sure you have the files you need, and that there is nothing on C that you want anymore-
    then at the C:> prompt (or DOS prompt-you can do this from A you would enter *format c: /s* (DO NOT type the *'s) this command says to format drive C and to put the system files onto C. The system files will be those that the system was booted with-in this case the floppy and thus the 98 system files. You can then copy ALL the files from A onto C-and for each time that it asks if you want to overwrite a file (for, io.sys, and another one-it's slipping my memory at the moment) answer NO-you do NOT want to overwrite those files.
    One last thing-on C-type edit autoexec.bat. That will allow you to change any references in the autoexec.bat file copied off of the floppy onto C-change the references from A: to C: (as in a:mscdex.exe /d:msc0001 or want those references to be to the files on C: when you now boot from your newly formatted and sysed C drive.

    From there you can go ahead and re-install win98.

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