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    Line-Page Break Options (MS Word 97)

    In MS Word 97 I have a question about the Basic Line and Page Break Options in the Styles
    Dialog Box.

    Widow/Orphan This is set by Default for All Body Text Styles

    Keep with Next This is set by Default for All Built-In Heading Styles

    Keep Lines Together

    Page Break Before

    I'm not sure which to use and which not to use.

    I understand the basic purpose of each of these. My Question is:
    In a Basic Book Template - which of these Line and Page Break Options
    should be used (are essential, or do you normally use) in each of the Following Styles?



    Body Text

    Bullet Lists

    Number Lists

    Table of Contents



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    Re: Line-Page Break Options (MS Word 97)

    I think this is a question for individual editors and authors. Do they want their lists to be together even if it leaves a big blank space at the bottom of a page? Or perhaps there is a manual of style for book publishers that you can consult.

    Personally, I think you should set as few restrictions as possible or you may encounter unintended consequences. For example, if you require all of the TOC entries to behave as a unit (using keep with next), then if the TOC exceeds one page, bad things happen. For me, the defaults generally work, except in outlines that have no body paragraphs. In that case, I uncheck the keep with next for Heading 4 and higher.

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    Re: Line-Page Break Options (MS Word 97)

    I agree--don't make the rules too restrictive. In my world, which happens to be book publishing, this is what I'd recommend:

    Keep all the defaults.

    Headings--Add Keep Lines Together.

    Lists--I don't, but many people would, add Keep Lines Together, so that each item in the list is unbroken.

    Lists--Don't use Keep With Next on lists--you'll end up with too much white space.

    I would only use a Page Break Before to begin a chapter or some other very large section.

    Of course, all can vary, depending on the type of book you mean.

    Hope that helps,


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