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    Measuring Project Progress (Duration Fierce) (Project 2000)

    My question is to do with using the Project Summary to report progress on my Jobs. I set up a test project with 4 tasks and 1 summary task. Task 1 & 2 are estimated as 8 hours work at 50% (Fixed Work) taking 32 hours to complete. Task 3 & 4 are the same, starting at the same time. My Baseline indicates 32 hours work & Duration. Then I add actual hours of 8 hours to task 1 day 1(100%), and 8 hours of work to task 3 day 2. I would expect that I am now 50% complete on work and duration. Instead project indicates I am 33% complete duration and 50% work.
    It seems like if I work 1 hour on 8 tasks I get 8 days duration, If I work 8 hours on 1 task I get 1 day duration. I am doing little bits of many tasks every day on a project with over 500 tasks and Project Progress % Duration is driving me Crazy. P.S. Is there a better way to tell if my work or Progress is slipping?

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    Re: Measuring Project Progress (Duration Fierce) (Project 2000)

    I don't know if you are still having trouble with Project, I am just browsing through trying to answer those that still have no replies on them.... As I read over your question I have a few questions of my own to ask you. First, the tasks that you have (1 & 2), are you saying that you have an 8 hour task with 32 hours of total work assigned to that task? How many resources are assigned to that task?
    If your task shows 32 hours total work to complete the task and you have more than one resource assigned to the task your % complete could differ from % work complete. % complete is the overall task...if you were to type in the % complete field 50% then project would divide the actual work hours equally among the resources assigned. But if you are just typing in 8 hours of actual work that is at the resource level and that only updates the one resource...that is what it souds like you are getting...and it will drive you crazy.
    Now if there is only one resource and you say that it will take 32 hours to complete then by typing in 8 actual hours I can see the 33% for the duration (task) but 50% of the work complete (resource)? Something sounds gooooofy there.
    Let me know a little more about the resources assigned and if you can attach the file you have I will look at.

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