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    W2K changing fonts of numbers

    <Sigh> I love Word. And I hate Word. And I need some help & explanations; this has to be a better place than the MS newsgroups.

    Sscenario: earlier today, I was working on a manual that I created from the W2K Manual template. It was about 20+ pages and I was working on about page 15. The file itself resided on a network volume. I entered some text and applied some text styles. Suddenly, for some unknown reason, nearly all my formatting of the text above where I was working disappeared. All paragraphs above were Body Text. Index entry links were converted to text. Tables were gone (and had unprintable/undisplayable characters where the cells ended). the TOC was now text. And so on. Below where I was working, everything was still OK.

    I tried re-applying styles starting at the top. TExt disappeared, down to where I had been working. I tried exporting as RTF, then opening that document. No luck. When I re-opened the document itself, I got a message that a table was corrupted, and that I should select the table and convert it to text. But when I tried to select all the text that had once been a table, that command was not available. (All 3 tables, with captions, had been munged.)

    I figured that somehow the document had been corrupted and that I'd have to start over. I successfully exported the entire content as text with breaks. I created a new document from the Manual template, copied the text into it, copied the styles from the previous document into the new one (I had made some custom changes to several styles), and went about the task of applying styles from top to bottom.

    Here's the problem that I am now finding. About half-way through this process, all of a sudden the numbers in the List Number style have changed font. In all the paragraphs up to this point where I've used this style, when I put my cursor in one of those paragraphs and go to the Bullets and Numbering dialog and look at the font for the number, it is Geneva 10. I just applied this style to 2 paragraphs, and now the number is Courier 10. An interesting side note, when I look in the initial dialog box for most of the paragraphs with this style, the box selected is the one in the lower left. But in the last ones I formatted with this style, the option selected is the on second from the upper right.

    I am at a loss as to why this is happening (adding to the frustration I'm going through with already today). Worse, for some reason, when I go into the Style dialog and choose to Modify Numbering, the selection in that box is None, which is totally baffling (it should be whatever the current settings are).

    Notes: thinking that a network glitch may have caused the corruption, I've been working locally. I also turn off Fast saves and Autorecover.


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    Re: W2K changing fonts of numbers

    Hi Writer,

    You're probably right that some kind of network glitch caused the document corruption.

    As to the numbering snafus, here are a few hints:

    Some of the numbered paragraphs are pointing to one numbering gallery position, and others with the same style name are pointing to another numbering gallery position: this indicates that the paragraphs have two different list templates applied - this could have happened as a side effect of the document frying. And the style definition having lost its link to Numbering is probably related.

    Although a bit tedious, I would apply a neutral style like Normal or BodyText to all these paragraphs, then go to Format/Style and modify your numbering style to ensure you've got it the way it should be - go to Numbering and rebuild the numbering properties as needed. Then go back to each of your formerly numbered paragraphs, and reapply the newly-refurbished numbering style. That should help.


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    Re: W2K changing fonts of numbers

    Hi Writer:
    Another thing that may have happened (since styles through out your document changed as you applied styles to some). You may have turned on Automatically update to styles. This could have happened a couple of ways. You could have changed it in Format/Style.../Modify & checked the box OR if you click in the style box & press <enter>, Word will ask you if you want to reapply the [original] style or update the style. There's also a place to check update automatically from now on.

    In any event, to turn off automatic update, copy the following macro to your document or template & run it (I actually think I got this macro from Gary):

    Sub RemoveAutomaticallyUpdate()
    ' RemoveAutomaticallyUpdate Macro
    ' Macro created 12/1/00 by Phil Rabichow
    Dim aSty As Style
    For Each aSty In ActiveDocument.Styles
    If aSty.Type = wdStyleTypeParagraph Then
    aSty.AutomaticallyUpdate = False
    End If
    Next aSty
    End Sub

    Hope this helps.

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