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Thread: .pst question

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    .pst question

    Using the instructions from WOW 5.42, I successfully created a new .pst file. However, now none of my sub-folders under the Inbox are there. Do I have to re-create them all over again. It would seem that there would be an easier way.

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    Re: .pst question

    yes, you need to recreate them. the "easier way" is to not keep making new psts. just clean out the old one and move old stuff to a new pst if you want or need to keep it long term. this keeps your working pst smaller and less prone to problems.
    you'll lose custom views and forms by creating a new pst as your main pst too, BTW. just another reason not to create new ones.

    i was using a pst i created new during the ol98 beta until this past summer when i switched to exchange server. It was well over 3 yrs old and had only been scanpst'd once. It was only 50 megs because i have other psts i move messages to for long term storage - "Saved Messages", "Projects", "June 1999" etc.

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