Title: Copernic 2000
Version: 4.55b
Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Download Size:2.62MB
Rating: ZdNet 5*
Power-searching the Internet is quick and easy with Copernic 2000. This well-documented search agent combines simplicity and performance with superior results-handling. It uses predefined channel sets, allowing you to target inquiries to all major Web search engines, find merchandise, search for relevant text in newsgroups, or access popular email directories to find people. The lightning-quick, multithreaded, full Boolean searches feature progress displays and customizable search depth. Once results are in, the program displays returns in a right-click enhanced listbox sorted by relevance and containing name, location, and introductory text. Session results are then compiled and presented in an Explorer-style results browser, making data navigation -- on or offline -- a breeze. Copernic automatically eliminates duplicate entries and can even validate the links for you. MS Internet Explorer users will enjoy complete active desktop and browser integration and even have the option of making Copernic the default search environment. Other features include search refinement, custom sorting, and more. Upgrading to the Plus version brings many more channel sets, support, and updates.

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I have used this program for several years and use this and Gurunet as my primary general search tools. A key feature is that the meta-rules for searching engines are continuously updated by the Copernic site and automatically updated to your local rules as needed.

Upgraded to the full (plus) version several years ago to take advantage of the additional channels.