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    Rec: Atomica One Click(GuruNet)

    Rec: Atomica One Click(GuruNet)
    Title: Atomica One Click. aka Gurunet.
    Platform: Windows 95/98/NT/2000
    !!Note!! Requires prior installation of IE5. Usable with Netscape.
    Download Size:
    Rating: ZdNet 5*
    Atomica is a unique and easy-to-use tool for finding precise, concise answers. Atomica delivers you actual answers, not links, quickly and easily.

    To find out more about a word or topic that you see on your screen:

    -Position your cursor on the word or topic
    -Press and hold the Alt key
    -While holding the Alt key, click the mouse

    Instantly, the Atomica pop-up window opens, displaying information about that word or topic. Choose from various information tabs to view different kinds of information: reference (e.g. dictionary, encyclopedia, thesaurus) and/or real-time information (e.g. news, sports, stock quotes).

    Download From/Reviews:
    NoteThe older versions on the net titled Gurunet are v1 of this product.

    I use it frequently. Particularly for definition of words or one touch lookup of primary references.

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    Re: Rec: Atomica One Click(GuruNet)

    Hi Ian:

    Does it slow you down any? How much does it use in the way of resources?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Rec: Atomica One Click(GuruNet)

    Not noticably, though I do admit that it is one of the things I trash first when I am running low (Right click tray icon, click exit). If I need it back, just Start|Programs|Startup|Atomica.

    Technical Details:
    Ram: 8MB
    User: 2%
    GDI: 5%

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