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Thread: ole/dll error

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    ole/dll error

    I have Win95, Office97, MS Access db on HD. PC on a Banyan network in an office enviroment. I am inserting a bitmap into the database, I receive the following error:
    MS Access can't find an OLE server or a dll required for the OLE operation, the OLE server or dll may not be registered. To register the OLE server or DLL reinstall it. Okay.
    I used the db in October with the bitmap and it worked fine.
    I have no idea what this error is about, can you please explain.
    Thanks, Dawn

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    Re: ole/dll error

    Could you explain what you mean by "inserting a bitmap into the database"? Are you storing a bitmap in a table, embedding it on a form, linking to it, or what?

    Has anything changed on either the network of the file location since the last time it worked, i.e., network client updates, etc.?

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