I have been using the AddressLayout autotext and "Insert Address" toolbar icon to insert addresses of Outlook Contacts into Word documents. The format I'm using is as follows:


At the end of each line except the last, there's a Shift Enter soft return rather than a hard return.

I have two problems. The first is that I can't get the Contact's name to insert with the "Mr.", "Dr." etc. showing -- even though that's part of the "display name" in Outlook. I have tried using "PR_GIVEN_NAME" and "PR_SURNAME" rather than "PR_DISPLAY_NAME" but that format shows even less information (for example, I couldn't make it show a "suffix" such as "Esq." or "IV"). Any suggestions?

The second problem is re the street address. Often a street address has more than one line, such as:
1234 Main Street
P.O. Box 100
I'm using the soft returns deliberately, because our consistent format in documents is to use paragraph format with 12 pt "space before". Anyhow, when the Outlook Contact address inserts, there is a hard return at the end of the first line of the street address (even if it was entered in Outlook using a soft return). This means that there's a line of white space in the middle of the address (between the two lines of the street address) and the user has to replace the hard return with a soft return.

I know that one solution is to simply format the address paragraph as having no space before -- however we have a macro that imports the address (plus delivery line, re line, etc.) into an envelope in the correct order, and the macro works by looking for the one paragraph that has a style we call "Inside Address". Yes, we could probably revise the macro, but I don't want to do this until I know that there's no other fix for this.

Any ideas?