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    Microsft Office Application Recovery

    Please help! Can anybody tell me what the difference is between the Microsoft Office Application Recovery feature (found on the Microsoft Office Tools menu on the Start button in Windows 2000) and using Task Manager to 'End Task' , for programs that are not responding or have hung. For example, when would a user choose to use 1 and not the other?

    Any help gratefully recieived!

    Thanks, Laurie

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    Re: Microsft Office Application Recovery

    Office Application Recovery feature attempts to recover unsaved open Office documents (all changes you did since last saving).
    End program simply discharged memory without dumping (all changes since last saving will be lost).
    User's decision must be based on the situation, but using "AutoSave" feature and saving all open documents before heavy using of computer (surfing the network, for example) is strongly recommended.

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