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    Check Disk And Backup Problem

    I use the latest version of Macrium Reflect Professional to back up my hard drives to a USB attached NAS box.

    I can mount all the backup images except for the image of drive F. When I try to mount that Macrium says assigning drive letters but doesn't complete that process, and Macrium automatically shuts down.

    I ran chkdsk /f/r/ K: K being the NAS drive, and it said "The disk does not have enough space to replace bad clusters detected in file \My Backup of I\D1081C842AA7F380-00-00 mrimg of name 2182859. Corruption was found while examining files in directory \My Backup of I (2972)".

    There are two things strange about the check disk result. Firstly I can mount drive I and it is an accurate image of that drive. Secondly if I open Computer it shows that the NAS drive has 3.71 TB free space. Having said that EaseUS Partition wizard says that the drive has no free space.

    What can I do to sort these matters out?
    OS Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit. (Intel Core i7 7700 Kaby Lake Processor -Asus B150 Pro (LGA1151) Motherboard-GTX550 Ti DirectCU Graphics Card-Memory 16 GB DDR4)

    Roy Whitethread

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    No free space for partitions is not the same as no free space on a drive (defined by letter).

    Modern disk drives should not have bad sectors - they are self correcting - so you either have a faulty drive or a USB issue.
    Get the disk manufacturer's diags program and test the external drive before doing anything else.

    cheers, Paul

    p.s. it's not a NAS if you connect via USB - Network Attached Storage.

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