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    access form to webpage (2000)

    I have created a form in access that I would like to post to my web page using Frontpage 2000. I have imported the database. However, when it appears it does not look like my form at all. It shows only the headings of my database. Is there a way I can bring my form in?

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    Re: access form to webpage (2000)

    When I did database stuff in FP, I had to code it manually using the FP Server Extensions. All that came over from Access was data.

    I think Access 2000 can publish to the web in some way (data access pages?), and maybe if you do that you can do a "View Source" and snag the code from there? Since I haven't tried this, I may be misunderstanding how it works. If you don't get an answer here, try posting on the Access board with a link back to your original message.

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