I have two computers, one with Win98 and the other with Win98SE. I'm using NOrton systemworks 2002. When I try to use speed disk to run a disk defrag, the program hangs at "converting start application data" unless I Cnt-Alt-Delete and close CVtaplog, which is "not responding." then, speed disk works fine.

I had the same problem with Systemworks ver 2 running on Win98.

Norton says that "The legitimate function of the CVtaplog.exe program is as a component of the Windows Defragment utility." They don't know why the problem exisits except for suspecting Magistr worm
and varients as well as BAT.install.Trojan. But I checked for these little beasties and found no trace of them.

Since I know what I can do to get my speed disk to work, it isn't critical to solve this problem. But it does annoy me and it would be nice to figure out what is happening.

Well,and I also have the same problem if I try to defrag using the defrag option in Windows.

Suggestions on what might be going on?