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    common dialog problem (Office 2000)

    i've added a common dialog control to a form -- it's a 'file open'. The form is in a Word 2000 template, & opens via an AutoNew module. It works fine on most PCs.

    However, on Windows 2000 PCs(workstation, not Server), when the user opens a creates a new doc based on the template, instead of displaying the form, Word opens up the VB editor & prompts the user with the following sequence of error messages:

    * System Error &H8000FFFF (-2147418113). Catastrophic failure.
    * Out of Memory.
    * Could not open macro storage.

    Here's the code that launches the file open common dialog -- this code is executed if the user clicks a browse button on the form:

    CommonDialogOpen.Filter = "Txt|*.txt|All Files (*.*)|*.*"
    glossaryForm.TextBox1.Text = CommonDialogOpen.FileName

    Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated, i could not find an article in the Knowledge Base.

    thanks -
    - george

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    Re: common dialog problem (Office 2000)

    Just as a test, create a user account on the PC for the user (or change the existing account if one already exists) so that the user has Adminstrative permissions. Try the operation again.
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