I Installed Office XP on a clean install of Windows XP as a user with adminstrative privileges. Additional users were added later with limited privileges. I attempted to install Ken Slovak's ATTOPT utility in preparation to installing the Office SP service pack. The utility will not install for users with limited privileges and install in administrator or user w/admin privileges accounts does not show up in accounts with limited privileges.

Reading a previous postings to this forum - "Windows XP installing new apps" - suggests that this is normal behavior if "XP was not notified that you were going to have multi users so the links are NOT in the ALLUSER profile."

Is Office XP the only application that exhibits this behavior?

Is there any way to correct this "opportunity" after the fact? ie. so that I can install updates, patches, etc. in a single location that will effect all users of the application on a single workstation?

Thanks in advance for any help on this issue.